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Guiding Principles

Involving our customers and community throughout the experience while paying attention to cost, foods, health and nutrition, and the environment. To create a town in which all consumers has equal access!

Goals and Objectives

  • Build a mobile grocery network that assures accessibility, in terms of physical availability and affordability, to people lacking that basic right.

  • Nurture a community and culture of healthy eating through events, cooking classes, recipe kits, and integration with health clinics, schools, and community centers. 

  • Support Georgia farmers and food networks through local purchasing, relationship-building, and training for home gardens.

  • Establish a healthy, successful organization that is a leader in customer service and that has a loyal customer following.

“We can be joyful while we’re trying to change the world. As long we we’re also aware that you can’t get away with things just by doing the easy stuff. You actually have to challenge certain things and put yourself in uncomfortable positions, often risking things in order to achieve real change.”

Karen Washington, Community Gardener, The Bronx, NY

Our Mission

Our Mission

To work with underserved communities to support sustainable local food systems and eliminate barriers to healthy food.

Our Vision

To help cultivate a thriving  and healthy community with access to healthy food through communities, provide education and resources to reinforce it.

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